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May 5th 2008

The Galloping Hill. A Union, New Jersey Tradition.

Galloping Hill Entrance.

Northern New Jersey is more than just big box stores, plastic surgery, second season of Friends hair and divorce attorneys.

It’s a place where generations have grown up and stayed. Stayed to raise their families. Where traditions are passed down, and people enjoy spending leisure time together.

Bow Down. It\'s the Galloping Hill.

One place you’ll see this in full effect is at the Galloping Hill Grill in Union, New Jersey. On any given Sunday you’ll find extended families lined up at the counter waiting to wrap their hands around one of the amazing hot dogs and a cold chocolate shake. Some only come for the birch beer – a drink so tasty it will knock your socks off. Others come for the cheese fries and a quart of Beer. Yes quart. And yes beer. Yuengling.

People chilling out at the Galloping Hill.

It’s no wonder Al Roker featured this Union, New Jersey landmark on the Food Network and Ray Liotta stops by whenever he’s in town.

Great food at the Galloping Hill.

Next time you find yourself gravitating towards the golden arches. Stop! Turn your car around and head over to the Galloping Hill. It’s a uniquely American experience, one that should be shared by everyone.

By the way, my favorite item on the menu is the Chicken Gyro. What’s yours?

Galloping Hill Grill
325 Chestnut Street
Union, NJ 07083

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1 Comment on “The Galloping Hill. A Union, New Jersey Tradition.”

Chris J. England said,

I live in Pennsylvania now. My Mother and Sister still live in Union. I was down to visit them on Labor Day weekend. I had to stop by with the family Sunday for lunch. One plain for my son, 2 complete for my daughter, 2 with everything for my mother and sister and 2 with mustard and BBQ onions for me. Plus 2 orders of fries and 2 orders of onion rings. It was GREAT! Thank you!

September 6th, 2008, 3:24 pm  

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