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June 17th 2008

Caboose Rides at the Whippany Railway Museum.

Whippany Railway Museum.
The Whippany Railway Museum is an awesome place to visit. Not only do they have a bunch of interesting old trains to look at, on select dates they have what are called caboose Rides. Five or six caboose cars are connected and the general public can purchase tickets for a short 45 minute ride. It’s really fun.

My son. a huge Thomas the Train fan was blown away. He was in choo choo ecstasy. I could barely get him off the train. I had to chase him down the tracks kicking and screaming.

If you are looking for something really interesting to do on a Sunday, why not consider a trip to the Whippany Railway Museum. You’ll love it.

Next Caboose Ride is July 13th.

For more info please visit:

The Whippany Railway Museum

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