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June 30th 2008

Murray Hill Square. A Totally Unique Housing Experience.

If you are looking for a cookie cutter condo perched on the side of a mountain with vinyl siding and six hundred look-alike neighbors – Murray Hill Square probably isn’t the place for you.

Designed and built by Nat Conte in the late 1970’s, Murray Hill Square is one of the most unique townhouse developments ever built. Located directly across the street from the Murray Hill Train Station — this totally unique community is perfect for those looking to have a different kind of living experience coupled with easy access to New York City transportation.

So what makes Murray Hill Square so unique? The design. The incredible award-winning architecture goes from Georgian to Carpenter Gothic to Colonial in a split second. This makes for a very special small town experience. Several of the residences were even modeled after original Williamsburg designs.

How cool is that.

One of the other things I really like about Murray Hill Square is the fact that many of it’s unique features were actually recycled. Some of these features include beams from old barns slated for demolition and cobblestones and other stone salvaged from older sections of Morristown and Newark.

Green before it’s time.

The residents of Murray Hill Square have a real sense of pride in their community. It’s like a town within a town.

Why not become a resident. Call me — I’ll show you what’s currently available. 877-965-4800. Here are some town homes currently available in New Providence. They include units in Murray Hills Square.
Great photos of Murray Hills Square.
The History as Told by the Builder.

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