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June 29th 2008

All About Yarn On Millburn Avenue Closing.

All About Yarn in Millburn, New Jersey Closing.

I’m not a huge fan of knitting or yarn. I don’t know much about either.

When I was young, my friend’s father used to sit on a rocking chair with the lights very dim knitting. If you walked in the house he would just stare at you like a raccoon on the side of the road. It was really weird — kinda like a David Lynch movie. Everything back then was like a David Lynch.

Today, I noticed that All About Yarn, the local yarn and knitting store in Millburn was closing shop. I never went in the establishment, but I liked it. It was part of the fabric of our town. A place where hard core and not so hard core knitters could pick up their wares. A unique non chain store kinda place not found in every town. The type place I like.

Well, who knows what will replace it — I doubt it will be as interesting. I hold out hope.

I’m told that the store may be relocating to another location — If I find out where, I’ll post it.

Until then try visiting:

The Stitching Bee
240 A Main St.
Chatham, New Jersey
Phone: (973)-635-6691

Elly’s Knit N Rest
16 Church St.
Montclair, New Jersey
Phone: (973)-744-1034
Phone: (973)-635-6691

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