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July 2nd 2008

Corned Beef Sandwich New Jersey Style. Only the best.

Eppes Essen in Livingston, New Jersey.

One of my fondest childhood memories is going to Canters in Los Angeles for a giant corned beef sandwich and pickles. The sandwiches were huge, and I used to slap on a ton of mustard. Those were the days.

When I moved to Manhattan back in the 80’s to attend NYU, I couldn’t find a deli that could produce a corned beef sandwich of the same caliber as Canters. I tried a bunch of the old skool delis — but none of them blew me away.

The one deli that kept me going those four years was Carnegie. Their corned beef sandwich took Canters and kicked it up a notch. You could literally make two meals out of one sandwich.

Eppes Essen Deli Case.

Well, when I moved to New Jersey back in the nineties, I really struggled with my corned beef sandwich cravings. On many occasions, I would hop in the car and drive to Manhattan just to pick up a sandwich from Carnegie. The drive was rough, but the food was worth it.

Then a couple of years ago I was talking with one of my buddies from the office. I was totally strung out – and needed a serious corned beef infusion. That’s when I was turned on to Eppes Essen. Eppes what! Eppes Essen the epicenter of great deli food in Livingston, New Jersey.

I immediately fired up my Maybach – I mean Saab — and headed straight over to the deli.

I ordered. I ate. I smiled.

The Best Corned Beef Sandwich in New Jersey.

I found it – the best corned beef sandwich in New Jersey.

Eppes Essen
105 E. Mt. Pleasant Avenue
Livingston, NJ 07039
Phone: 973-994-1120

Eppes Essen Website

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