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August 19th 2008

Philip Roth’s Indignation to be published in September.

My father reminds me that Philip Roth’s new novel, Indignation, will be published in mid-September. Roth was born in Newark, and in many of his books the landscape of New Jersey figures prominently. For example, in his early novella, Goodbye Columbus, for which he won the National Book Award, the character of Brenda Patimkin lives in Short Hills, while the boy who falls in love with her, Neil Kugman, is from Newark.

Forget the movie, starring Ali McGraw and Richard Benjamin. Read the book. Like everything Roth writes, it’s wildly funny, sexy, and deeply imagined.


I have also appointed my father to the position of literary editor of my blog, and he will be weighing in occasionally on cultural matters — if I feel they are interesting enough, that is.

Pre-order Indignation from now.

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1 Comment on “Philip Roth’s Indignation to be published in September.”

Kyle said,

I had never imagined a real estate blog that would namecheck Philip Roth or the B52’s until today. It’s too bad I don’t live in New Jersey, or else you’d be my realtor for sure. Please keep up the good work.

September 6th, 2008, 12:54 pm  

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