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October 14th 2008

The Secret of the Seven Oaks Section of Orange.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s smart for me to keep exposing all of my favorite areas of New Jersey to the masses. Secret little nooks that I have discovered over the years. Maybe not, but that’s why so many readers visit my blog. They want to find out about these awesome places. A few may even call me to have a look homes in these areas — hint …hint.

So what’s the deal with Seven Oaks?

Seven Oaks is a small section of Orange City that sits on the border of South Orange. While homes in the Montrose Section of South Orange can go for well over a million dollars — just walk one block over and find the same home for $500,000 or less. Mostly less. Sometimes a lot less.

If you think I’m talking about some little Cape Cods, you better strap it on. These homes are massive. We’re taking about dream homes. Some have five garage bays. Seven Oaks is no joke. This is where all the Big Shots used to “Chill” back in the day. Serious bottles were being popped in these cribs.

I can truly say that I love Seven Oaks. Sometimes my wife and I drive around the quiet streets just to look at the amazing homes. Our jaws hang low as be pass the huge; Colonials, Tudors, Victorians and other amazing homes that are part of this landscape. It’s really a site to see.

One thing that should be understood, however, is that South Orange and Orange are different towns. They have different schools and municipal services. If you would like to find out more about the individual towns, there are plenty of online resources that can give you very detailed town info. I won’t be getting into that.

So who would love Seven Oaks too?

1. People who NEED to have a huge old home.
2. Let me repeat that again. People who need to have a HUGE old home.
3. People who want to be very close to a NYC train.
4. People who want to be near a really trendy downtown area. South Orange.
5. Anyone who loves the Montrose Section — but can’t afford a home there.

So have you been watching This Old House for years just waiting for the opportunity to restore an older home to it’s original grandeur? If so, Seven Oaks could be exactly what you are looking for.

If you are interested in checking out this amazing area, please feel free to contact me Toll Free at 877-965-4800.

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