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November 5th 2008

Cranford Hits the Scene.

There are so many towns in the awesome state of New Jersey that it would be almost impossible for me to “blog” on each and every one of them. Cranford, however, is one that keeps coming up in conversations. I keep hearing “Cranford this” and “Cranford that” from people in my life – friends, my son’s teacher, buyers who want to move out of NYC. This was no surprise to me. I’ve always liked Cranford, and knew that at some point this great small town was really going to take off.

Cranford, New Jersey is kind of like an unknown B-Movie actor who has been in 60 independent films but is just now becoming a household name. It has a wonderful downtown – cool shops (toy stores, clothing boutiques, jewelers), restaurants, and an old time movie theater. It has kind of a 80’s Desperately Seeking Susan vibe mixed with a splash of 2000’s excess. It’s like Maplewood or Montclair — but with lower taxes.

The houses don’t disappoint either. You’ll find just about every style of home in the charming neighborhoods of Cranford. If you visit some of the older areas you will be wowed by the large Victorians with wraparound porches adorned with colorful couches and chimes. In the Mid-Century sections, you’ll find beautiful split-level homes with tidy lawns — dirt bikes scattered in front of the two car garages.

Whatever you like – you’ll find it in Cranford.

Recent home sales in Cranford have ranged between $315,000 to $795,000 for a three to four bedroom home. The best inventory, however, tends to go for around $500,000 to $650,000. I’m not saying that you can’t find a diamond in the rough for less — it just won’t be easy.

Seriously, if you have been considering Maplewood, Montclair or Millburn you may want to have a look at Cranford. It’s an excellent alternative especially if you are looking to stretch your dollar further.

If you live in Cranford — please tell us why you love it.

Homes Currently For Sale in Cranford, New Jersey.

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