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November 30th 2008

Warm English Beer — the Ultimate Closing Gift.

If one person ever finds this post helpful, I’ll be happy.

So, I’ve been running around all day trying to find the correct brand of beer to give my English client who will be closing on his house tomorrow. Over the last couple of months, I’ve learned that one of his favorite pastimes is going to the pub and having a nice pint of WARM English beer.

My first stop was a very famous liquor store in Essex County. I needed some advice, and hopefully a case of warm brew. I told the so called beer expert what I wanted, but he just stared right through me.

“I drink my beer cold.”

I went to another store. Same deal. This time, however, as I was speaking with the cashier he began to grip a baseball bat that was leaning up against the cash register.

I guess they don’t get a lot of warm beer requests.

Not knowing what to do, I went out to my car pulled out my Blackberry. Shot off a little email to my client. A white lie. I told him that a friend of mine was coming into town from the UK and I wanted to buy him some excellent English beer to be served warm.

Minutes later I received this response.

“That would depend on which part of the UK they are from (Scottish, Welsh, English etc) but you can’t go wrong with some Spitfire, Speckled Hen, London Pride, or anything from Greene King. Just remember not to serve it cold like the colonials do.”

“Colonials”. I like that.

So I bought him a case of London Pride. Simple as that. I’m sure he’ll enjoy sipping the warm Ale in front of the fireplace in his new home.

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