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February 25th 2009

New Jersey — Hardly A Creative Wasteland.

When I moved out to New Jersey from California back in 1994, I thought — “This is the end.” Not that I was going to drop dead from inhaling excessive PCBs, rather, I was going to loose my creative self. It felt like I was somehow surrendering to the cult of bad hair, stupid talk and no talent.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

New Jersey is an beautiful state filled with talented people and quite a few downright geniuses. Sure, you might spot a tight faced person with bad hair color on occasion — but you can see that in any state.

New Jersey has something special. Something unique. Something I never experienced in California.

The other day my dad forwarded me a link to an article in the Wall Street Journal. It gives some serious insight into New Jersey’s unfair reputation and amazingly talented residents.

Here’s the article.

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