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March 6th 2009

Pre-Forclosure Reality Check.

This is not a topic that gets me excited. It’s very sad. I’m doing this because I want to keep it real with my readers.

This is reality in 2009.

Every month, I will breakdown the number of properties in each of our towns for which a lis pendens has been filed in the past 30 days..

What is a lis pendens?

In essence, it’s the beginning of the pre-foreclosure process.

I have addresses for these homes — but will not be putting those in print.

So here’s what has been happening in our area over the past thirty days.

Millburn – 2
Short Hills – 0
Maplewood – 1
Livingston – 1
West Orange – 5
Springfield – 0
Summit – 0
New Providence – 0
Berkeley Heights – 1
Madison – 0

If you are currently facing foreclosure follow this link to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development for a guide on avoiding foreclosure.

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