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March 20th 2009

Star Tavern “Da Best”


I can’t believe that I’ve lived in New Jersey for over fourteen years, and it wasn’t until recently that I learned about Star Tavern. In a matter of about two weeks, six different people mentioned the place.

Where the hell have I been!!!!

Ok. Here’s the deal. Star Tavern has amazing thin crust pizza. Go there NOW! Don’t read the rest of this blog. Just go.


Well, if you’re still here, the Star Tavern has been around for over sixty five years and has a huge following. Generations of residents have been frequenting this local landmark for years. Some even drive hours to get a slice of their thin crust pizza.

When I first walked into the Star Tavern, my eyes almost popped out of my head. There was a huge line of people snaked across the entire restaurant? It freaked me out. It was the type of line one might encounter at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Just long an ominous.


For a second, I contemplated leaving – but didn’t. Thank God.

It only took us about fifteen minutes to get a table. Not too bad.


Prior to leaving the house I had called one of my friends for a dish recommendation. She said that I had to try the Portabello Mushroom Pizza with Pine Nuts and Sundried Tomatoes.

When the waitress stopped by the table to take our order, I asked her about the Portabello Mushroom pizza. She responded quickly and confidently.

“It’s da best.”

So that’s what we ordered. End of story. The pizza at Star Tavern is amazing.


It was so good I’ve eaten there about five times in the last two months.

Now, don’t forget that the Star Tavern has a great bar and the other food is supposed to be excellent. In fact, if you are reading this now and have a favorite dish — please let us know about it.

So give the Star Tavern a try. You’ll love it.

Star Tavern
400 High St
Orange, NJ 07050
(973) 675-3336
Visit the Star Tavern website

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1 Comment on “Star Tavern “Da Best””

Jm said,

I’ve been going to the Star Tavern in Orange NJ since I was 17 years old ( I am now a 57). I have only ordered 3 different things in all of that time: plain cheese pizza ( my fav); pizza with jalapeno peppers (when I’m with my son) and the misto salad (when my daughter in law is with us). The Chinese restaurant across the street used to be a blues club named Wallace’s, & we would order pizzas and bring them to Wallace’s & listen to awesome music. On any given night when Wallace’s was packed, the Star would prop open their door (no foyer back then) & Wallace’s would do the same & it was like an awesome block party. :}

April 14th, 2009, 5:30 pm  

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