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October 9th 2009

Union County Music Festival a Success.

It’s been several weeks and I’m still dry heaving from all the food I ingested at the Union County Music Festival. I ate one too many BBQ Beef Sandwiches with atomic hot sauce.

Do I regret going?

No. It was awesome.

Where else can you see topnotch rock & roll acts for free. Well sort of free. My son spent a sh*% load of money on the carnival rides. Roughly three dollars every 5 minutes. That adds up quick.

Cy Curnin and Nick Harper

My favorite act was Cy Curnin of The Fixx. He played both solo and songs from The Fixx catalog. It was awesome. Oh yeah. That’s my son and I pictured with Cy and Nick Harper.

Uncle Kracker

The biggest surprise was Uncle Kracker (Pictured Above). His set was amazing.

Next year. If I tell you to go to the Union County Music Festival – GO!

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