Choosing the Best Sterilizer

Sterilizing your medical equipments is very important. That’s why it is important for you to have a sterilizer that offers you with effectiveness and efficiency. There are various types of sterilizer devices that you can choose out there. You can choose steam sterilizer, hot air sterilizer, and low temperature sterilizer. Each of these types of sterilizer has its own benefits and drawbacks. Different types of sterilizer are suitable for different medical equipments. Therefore, it is important for you to choose the right sterilizer for your medical office.

One of the most widely used sterilizer is steam sterilizers. These sterilizers are produced by different companies. One of the most reliable company is BMT sterilizers. This brand offers you with choices of sterilizers. Its steam type is available in two sizes choices. You can choose the small or the large one. The small sterilizers are very portable. They can even be put on a table. This type of sterilizer can produce temperature from 121 C up to 134 C. This device is very effective and efficient in sterilizing medical equipments. It takes between 4 minutes to an hour to sterilize medical equipments. These small sterilizers are available in several choices. You can choose one with a 15 L chamber volume, 20 L chamber volume, or 25 L chamber volume. They can be used to sterilize almost all types of equipments and materials, including textile, plastic, and rubber.

If you need larger steam sterilizers, this company offers you with large sterilizers in various choices of chamber sizes. You can choose one with 73 L chamber volume or 1490 L chamber volume. These large steam sterilizers are as effective and efficient as the small ones. It can produce temperature up to 134 C. It can also be used for most medical equipments of any materials. Both of the small and large steam sterilizers have high quality. Its steam generator is made of stainless steel so that it is strong and durable.